The Ghanaian Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), has asked the media to ensure that advertisements on food, medicines and cosmetics are prevetted by government authority, before such adverts are aired of published. These include alcohol ads. “A manufacturer or distributor, advertising agent and advertising media and or organisation who advertises a food product without the Read More →

The Constitutional Council has rejected an amendment to the Loi Evin that would potentially have initiated the end of France’s position in the top of the world’s countries with the strongest alcohol marketing restrictions. France’s highest lawmaking body has rejected the amendment, which had already been approved by Parliament, because it deemed the plans to Read More →

Authors: Craig S. Ross, Avalon de Bruijn and David Jernigan Title: Do time restrictions on alcohol advertising reduce youth exposure? Journal: Journal of Public Affairs Volume 13, Issue 1, pages 123–129, February 2013 Abstract: Regulators may attempt to reduce youth exposure to alcohol advertising by restricting times during which alcohol ads may be aired on Read More →