nutritional info

The Local Government Association of the U.K. has renewed a push for alcohol producers to label beverages with caloric information. The association says the labels are necessary because the public is largely unaware of the amount of empty calories in alcohol, which may be related to high obesity levels in the country.

alcohol can cause cancer

New evidence is mounting that bottles of beer, wine and spirits should carry cigarette-style graphic health warnings to make clear that alcohol is linked to cancer, infertility and violence. Additionally, a number of Canadian jurisdictions reportedly are preparing mandatory warning label laws, in line with the new findings.

In this presentation Tairi Taht, Health attaché of the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, explains the plans that are currently proposed in Estonia to curb alcohol harm. The presentation was held at the European Parliament on the 17th of November, during the “Alcohol – Why is it a big thing?’ event.


Last week, the EU Health Council endorsed Council conclusions on “An EU strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm”. The joint Health Ministers of the EU Member States in this document call on the European Commission to publish an alcohol strategy by the end of next year.