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Scottish Ministers are under pressure to support a ban on alcohol advertising near schools after research carried out by Members of the Scottish Parliament suggested there was considerable public sympathy for the policy. The proposal was backed by 78 per cent of those who responded to a survey carried out by the Parliaments’ health committee.


On-pitch advertising, the advertisement boards next to the playing field in various sports, will no longer contain alcohol advertising according to new plans by Health Minister Leo Varadkar. This measure is part of a detailed set of policy measures aiming to ‘de-glamourise’ alcohol consumption.


Overall exposure to brand-specific alcohol advertising is a significant predictor of underage youth alcohol brand consumption, with youth ages 13 to 20 more than five times more likely to consume brands that advertise on national television and 36 percent more likely to consume brands that advertise in national magazines compared to brands that don’t advertise Read More →

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(only 8 days left) Protect our children from alcohol advertising Scientific research has proven the negative health effects of alcohol consumption (WHO, 2014), as well as that exposure to alcohol advertising leads to advancing the onset of alcohol consumption and increasing the amount consumed, as well as the frequency of consumption (Smith & Foxcroft, 2009,Anderson et Read More →


The Ghanaian Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), has asked the media to ensure that advertisements on food, medicines and cosmetics are prevetted by government authority, before such adverts are aired of published. These include alcohol ads. “A manufacturer or distributor, advertising agent and advertising media and or organisation who advertises a food product without the Read More →