December 19, 2019 Carolyn Harding Over the years, we’ve seen more and more consumers seeking out brands that incorporate a balance of impact-on-society considerations and health-conscious products into their core business strategies. For alcohol brands in particular, marketers have had to adjust to a changing industry, as consumers focus less on the heavy consumption of Read More →

Hard seltzers are no passing fad, as the surprise re-engagement of a soda giant in the liquor industry shows.   By W. Blake Gray | Posted Monday, 03-Aug-2020   Look out liquor world: Coca-Cola is getting back into the booze business. And unlike 40 years ago, this time the soda giant is playing to its Read More →

Adweek; 14-07-2020; Brandy Shaul Tell the social network to show you different products instead Did you know that you can stop Facebook from showing you advertisements related to certain topics? For instance, the social network recently rolled out the ability for users to stop seeing political, election and social issue ads. You also have the option Read More →

WHO Euro 07-07-2020 According to a newly published report, “Alcohol marketing in the WHO European Region”, alcohol marketing is adapting to new realities faster than current legal regulations across the Region, with industry using opportunities offered by digital platforms to sell their products in a largely unregulated market. The publication explains how innovative online advertisement Read More →

  Alcohol marketing in the WHO European Region: Update report on the evidence and recommended policy actions   Date of the event:  7 July 2020   Online entry of participants:  09:30 CEST Time of the event:  10:00–11:30 CEST If you have questions, please contact: Ms Natalia Konovalova – link to register Registration closes 6 July 2020, 4 Read More →