ANCs draft bill promising to ban alcohol advertising in South Africa may be crossed through after intensive lobbying by the alcohol industry. Instead the political party is now calling for stricter regulations on alcohol outlets. South African newspaper The Saturday Star reports that the alcohol industry’s protests against ANCs plans did not fall on deaf Read More →


The Constitutional Council has rejected an amendment to the Loi Evin that would potentially have initiated the end of France’s position in the top of the world’s countries with the strongest alcohol marketing restrictions. France’s highest lawmaking body has rejected the amendment, which had already been approved by Parliament, because it deemed the plans to Read More →

Dr. Pat Kenny, School of Marketing, Dublin Institute of Technology, presenting to the Oireachtas Committee on Health & Children for pre-legislative scrutiny of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 – discussing advertising marketing and raising questions about the real intent of Diageo Role Models. Thanks to @IrelandUnlocked.


Earlier this month the Welsh government published its plans for minimum pricing. The plans are based on research suggesting that a minimum charge of 50p per unit would save nearly £900m over 20 years by cutting crime and illness, with 50 fewer deaths a year.

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The Russian government has approved a proposal to ease the ban on using human and animal images in advertising if they are part of a trademark, Izvestia newspaper reported recently. This amendment is the result of a bill submitted by MP Viktor Zvagelsky submitted a bill in October 2014. The bill would mitigate the ban Read More →

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President Hollande told the wine world meeting in Bordeaux that the law Evin must first be preserved. This was the demand for weeks of the whole health community since the vote of an amendment seriously questioning it. Fortunately, all parliamentarians are not subservient to the lobby of alcohol! While MPs will debate in plenary of Read More →