Alcohol Marketing Reports

Recent Alcohol Marketing Reports

Turning down the alcohol flow; Background document on the European framework
for action on alcohol, 2022–2025; (WHO European Region 2022); pag. 11-12

Reducing the harm from alcohol by regulating cross-border alcohol marketing, advertising and promotion (WHO, 2022)

Children’s Parliament investigates: an alcohol-free childhood For Alcohol Focus Scotland
September 2019

Digital marketing of alcohol: CHALLENGES AND POLICY OPTIONS FOR BETTER HEALTH IN THE WHO EUROPEAN REGION; WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases; 2021

-MPs and health experts call for alcohol marketing restrictions to protect those in recovery, Alcohol Health Alliance, Nov. 2021

-No Escape: How advertising preys on children and vulnarable people; Alcohol Health Alliantie; UK ; Nov. 2021

Monitoring and restricting digital marketing of unhealthy products to children and adolescents, WHO (June 2018). 

Promoting good health from childhood Reducing the impact of alcohol marketing on children in Scotland A report by the virtual expert network on alcohol marketing (2018)

Review of alcohol marketing restrictions in seven European countries (2022) 

-End alcohol advertising in sport; Australië (2019)

-Fit for Purpose? An analysis of the role of the Portman Group in alcohol industry self-regulation; Alcohol Change, July 2018

-The findings and conclusions of the conference ‘Digital Alcohol Marketing in the Spotlight’, Amsterdam 2019

EUCAM reports

EUCAM has been releasing reports in the form of Fact Sheets and Trend Reports since 2009, this has lead to a list of accessible but critical publications concerning the subject of alcohol marketing in the widest sence.

For an overview of EUCAM Fact Sheets, short reports often translating complicated matter into easy to digest info, click here. For an overview of EUCAM Trend Reports, longer richly illustrated reports describing various trends in alcohol marketing, click here.

EUCAM studies

Besides these publications, EUCAM is and has also been involved in the publication of bigger original reports, such as:

-ELSA: Regulation of Alcohol Marketing in Europe (2007)

AMMIE: Alcohol Marketing Monitoring in Europe

MAMPA: Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa 

-FASE: Effective Alcohol Marketing Regulations 

Madagascar Monitoring report 2013, a report written under commission of the Blue Cross Norway

MAMPA: Evaluating compliance with alcohol industry selfregulation in seven countries in Africa; an external evaluation of the MAMPA Project; Kate Robaina, MPH, Thomas Babor, PhD, MPH, Jonathan Noel, MPH Department of Community Medicine & Health Care, University of Connecticut School of Medicine 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT 06030-6325 USA

EUCAM reports: The Seven Key Messages of the Alcohol Industry (edition 2021, PDF and digital):
The Seven Key Messages of the Alcohol Industry

Link to the German version of edition 2021

Link to the Italian version (2022) of edition 2021

Link to the Dutch version 2022

The Seven Key Messages of the Alcohol Industry (PDF editions 2010)

Link to the English version of edition 2010

Link to the Swedish version of edition 2010

Link to the Danish version of edition 2010

Link to the Slovenian version of edition 2010

Link to the Lithuanian version of edition 2010: