Zoom in Media Project Report 2016

Zoom in Media Project: Report of Monitoring Alcohol Marketing by young people in Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Poland and Ukraine
Authors: Gerard van der Waal, Fieke Franken & Wim van Dalen
September 2016

Zoom in Media is a two year research project being implemented by ACTIVE – Sobriety, Friendship & Peace in Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Poland and Ukraine with support of the European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing (EUCAM). zoomin

The purpose of the Zoom in Media project was to explore the ways that minors throughout Europe are exposed to alcohol advertising in their everyday life. ACTIVE is a federation of national sober youth organizations and another aim was for the research to be conducted largely by young people themselves. The project is funded by the European Union and the Swedish Institute.

This research was conducted using the EUCAM Smartphone Application, which consists of two surveys that enables users to fill in background information about themselves and record alcohol advertisements, fill in information about the advertisements and their attitude towards it. The application makes it possible to record images of the advertisements, with survey data linked to it, including GPS data of where the advertisement was encountered. As soon as the smartphone, to which the application is installed, connects to the internet survey results were automatically sent to an online database.

The Zoom in Media Project Report can be downloaded here.