Drug and Alcohol Review; Keira Bury, Danica Keric, Devorah Riesenberg, Lyndal Wellard-Cole, Simone Pettigrew; First published: 15 October 2023; https://doi.org/10.1111/dar.13757 Abstract Issues There is a decline in youth drinking, but also a causal link between alcohol marketing and drinking among young people. Therefore, novel alcohol marketing strategies should be scrutinised, particularly where children are exposed. This includes marketing for zero-alcohol Read More →

by  Nason Maani Hessari; Adam Bertscher; Nathan Critchlow; Niamh Fitzgerald; Cécile Knai; Martine Stead; Mark Petticrew Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16(21), 4092; https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph16214092 Received: 31 August 2019 / Revised: 9 October 2019 / Accepted: 10 October 2019 / Published: 24 October 2019 Abstract Restricting alcohol advertising and marketing is a cost-effective intervention for reducing alcohol harms. However, the alcohol industry maintains that advertising does not affect consumption, Read More →

James D Sargent 1, Thomas F Babor 2J. Stud Alcohol Drugs Suppl. 2020 Mar;Sup 19(Suppl 19):113-124.   Abstract Objective: This article summarizes the findings of narrative and systematic literature reviews focused on the relationship between exposure to alcohol marketing and youth drinking, viewed in context of criteria for causality. We also consider the implications of this proposition for alcohol Read More →

Brandon Cheng, Carmen C. W. Lim, Brienna N. Rutherford, Sandy Huang, Daniel P. Ashley, Ben Johnson, Jack Chung, Gary C. K. Chan, Jason M. Coates, Matthew J. Gullo, Jason P. Connor First published: 26 September 2023   https://doi.org/10.1111/add.16304 Abstract Background and aim Social networking sites (SNS) are interactive internet-based social platforms that facilitate information sharing. A growing body of literature on exposure to, and self-posting Read More →

Hanneke Hendriks, Joris J. van Hoof, Peter D. Noort, Lukas van Remmerden, Carmen V. Voogt, Eva A. van Reijmersdal First published: 29 September 2022 https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119678816.iehc0747 Abstract Alcohol advertising is widespread and has increased over the past years. The exposure to and effects of alcohol marketing have been the focus of much research. Based on several systematic reviews and meta-analyses, there Read More →

Final Report (April 2023) David Mackay and Parisa Shirazi In November 2022, the Scottish Government launched a public consultation onrestricting alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland. To support children andyoung people to share their views and opinions about the proposals included in theconsultation, the Scottish Government commissioned Children in Scotland to deliverengagement work with children Read More →

Megan Strowger, Rachel Ayala Guzman, Rachel B. Geyer, Rose Marie Ward, Abby L. Braitman; Drug and Alcohol Review; 29 April 2023 Abstract Introduction Frequent exposure to peer-shared alcohol-related content (ARC) on social media is associated with greater alcohol consumption and related consequences among undergraduates. Social media influencers also share ARC; yet, the effect of exposure to influencer-shared ARC on alcohol Read More →

March 2023; Fare, Australia There is a copious amount of online advertising being placed by alcoholcompanies, with 39,820 distinct alcohol advertisements captured from 351prominent producers, retailers and venues on Meta platforms in Australiaover a 12-month period. This equates to an average of 765 distinct alcoholadvertisements disseminated per week.• The number of alcohol advertisements showed a Read More →