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2 Social locations Class, gender and young people’s alcohol consumption in a digital world Lin Bailey and Christine Griffin Introduction We provide an overview of how class and gender have been theorised in young people’s drinking cultures across different countries. We consider how recent moral panics over young people’s public drinking are often highly gendered Read More →

1 Neoliberalism, alcohol and identity A symptomatic reading of young people’s drinking cultures in a digital world Ian Goodwin and Christine Griffin A broad range of research has established the importance of youth drinking as an essentially social act with important implications for young people’s identities. There is long-standing evidence that peer groups form an Read More →

Introduction to youth drinking cultures in a digital world Antonia C. Lyons, Tim McCreanor, Ian Goodwin and Helen Moewaka Barnes In many Western countries, drinking cultures are central to young people’s social lives. Since the mid-1990s an increasingly globalised, pervasive culture of intoxication has emerged amongst young people driven by deregulation of sale and supply, Read More →

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