The Seven Key Messages of the Alcohol Industry

This report focussus on the Seven Key Messages that are used by the Alcohol Industry.

The PDF version of this report (2021) can be downloaded via this link

This revised (2021) publication is written for anyone who wants to learn more about the strategies that the alcohol industry applies worldwide, nationally and locally to improve their position and image. Practice has shown that this information can be of great value to professionals, politicians and other interested persons who are confronted for the first time with interventions from the alcohol industry in their work.

It is not uncommon for the industry to cleverly mislead less experienced people by suggesting that their intentions do not conflict with the interests of public health and/or society.

A number of European health organizations have concluded that the influence of the alcohol industry on the policy of national and European governments is very effective. The result of this is that essential, evidence based policy changes are held of and the dramatic damages caused by alcohol are not stopped. The succes of the industry means that many people die unnecessarily due to alcohol use and that costs for society are kept needlessly high.

You can use the digital version, but we recommend that you use a well-designed printed version for your network.

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The seven messages of the industry that are illuminated through examples from various countries are:

1. Consuming alcohol is normal, social and enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle

2. Alcohol problems are caused by a small group of people who have other problems and therefore cannot handle alcohol

3. Responsible alcohol consumption is part of a healthy lifestyle

4. Alcohol advertising does not lead to an increase in alcohol consumption                                                              

5. Information and education about responsible use is the best method to protect society from alcohol problems 

6. Alcohol-free and low-alcohol beverages can play a role in reducing harmful drinking                                                

 7. Alcohol problems can only be solved when all parties work together. 

The PDF version of this report (2021) can be downloaded via this link