Ad Gallery

The examples you will find in this gallery pertain to different types of digital alcohol marketing, namely: influencer marketing, viral and content marketing, native advertising, online contests to enhance user-generated content (UGC) and finally product placement.  

Influencer marketing is encountered when a brand or a company leverages on the wider audience a (famous) user has on social platforms, to enhance a positive attitude and consequent behaviour towards its products or services, usually through social networking sites (SNSs) like Facebook and Instagram. Content marketing is a way to engage more with customers by creating and distributing content with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Online contests are a format to improve presence and brand awareness. When users of a social media network generate content towards these competitions that is called user-generated content (UGC). Product placement is a marketing technique whereby references to specific brands or products are incorporated into other contexts, with specific promotional intent. It is gaining more and more space in blogs and vlogs. Viral marketing aims to develop content that brings other people to it through online social sharing by social media users, who may sometimes be unaware that they are being manipulated by companies to sell their products. To conclude, native advertising is a technique which embeds branded content that is designed to resemble non-commercial online content similar to the platform in which it is published, for example news articles or social media posts.