Movendi; June 24, 2020 Women are one of Big Alcohol’s major target groups along with children and youth. There are various methods the alcohol industry uses to try and convert women into using alcohol. Despite alcohol having very specific harms on women, such as the fact that women can get addicted to substances with smaller amounts Read More →

Alcohol Focus Scotland ; February 2023 Summary • People with (or at risk of) an alcohol problem are at increased risk from alcohol marketing, as they experience disproportionate harm from alcohol use and have increased susceptibility to alcohol marketing. • Alcohol marketers explicitly target people who drink heavily, so that they are regularly exposed to Read More →

A. M. Atkinson, B. R. Meadows & H. R. Sumnall; Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy; Nov. 2022  ABSTRACTBackground: Alcohol marketing influences drinking practices, and this helps shape how gender identities are constructed. This paper presents research exploring how women who are sober manage andnegotiate their non-drinking and sober identities in neo-liberal contexts that market alcohol Read More →

A preliminary study by Morgane Guillou Landreat, Céline Beauvais, Marie Grall Bronnec, Delphine Le Goff, Jean Yves Le reste, Delphine Lever, Antoine Dany and Karine Gallopel Morvan. From the Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Addictologie de liaison , Pole 3 , 1 étage, Hôpital de la Cavale Blanche , Bld Tanguy Prigent, 29200 Brest, France and University of Read More →

Morgane Guillou-Landreat, Antoine Dany, Jean Yves Le Reste, Delphine Le Goff, Amine Benyamina, Marie Grall-Bronnec and Karine Gallopel-Morvan; Impact of alcohol marketing on drinkers with Alcohol use disorders seeking treatment: a mixed-method study protocol. 2020 in: BMC Public Health; 20-467 Background: The marketing of alcohol influences patterns of alcohol consumption. Existing studies have focused, for Read More →

Authors: Thomas F. Babor, Katherine Robaina, Jonathan K. Noel, E. Bruce Ritson Title: Vulnerability to alcohol-related problems: a policy brief with implications for the regulation of alcohol marketing Journal: Addiction, 2016, 10.1111/add.13626 Abstract: Background and aims: The concern that alcohol advertising can have detrimental effects on vulnerable viewers has prompted the development of codes of responsible advertising practices. Read More →

Authors: E. Rhoades, E. & D.H. Jernigan Title: Risky Messages in Alcohol Advertising, 2003–2007: Results From Content Analysis. Journal: The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine. Abstract Purpose: To assess the content of alcohol advertising in youth-oriented U.S. magazines, with specific attention to subject matter pertaining to risk and sexual connotations and Read More →