Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (Just Accepted).       Article Tools              Add to Favorites                        Email to a Friend                   Download Citation                   Track Citations                 Nathan Critchlow , PhD1, Crawford Moodie , PhD1, Anne Marie Read More →

Wiley, online Library; May 2024; Nathan Critchlow, Crawford Moodie, Karine Gallopel-Morvan; Abstract Background Statutory options for restricting alcohol advertising include limiting it to product-orientated information and requiring health warnings. We assess the impact of removing positive contextual factors from alcohol advertising and including a health warning among adults in the United Kingdom (UK). Methods We conducted Read More →

Drug and Alcohol Review;  Brienna N. Rutherford, Janni Leung, Daniel Stjepanović, Gary C. K. Chan First published: 06 June 2024; Abstract Introduction There is growing concern over the lack of regulation of alcohol advertisements on social media platforms frequented by youths. This study aims to build upon existing literature by assessing the frequency with which young Australians (17–25) Read More →

Drug and Alcohol Review; Norman Giesbrecht | Emilene Reisdorfer | Kevin Shield; May 2024 AbstractIssues: Advertising and marketing affect alcohol use; however, no single systematic review has covered all aspects of how they affect alcohol use, and how the alcohol industry views alcohol marketing restrictions. Approach: Two systematic reviews of reviews were performed according to Read More →

Hanneke Hendriks, Joris J. van Hoof, Peter D. Noort, Lukas van Remmerden, Carmen V. Voogt, Eva A. van Reijmersdal First published: 29 September 2022 Abstract Alcohol advertising is widespread and has increased over the past years. The exposure to and effects of alcohol marketing have been the focus of much research. Based on several systematic reviews and meta-analyses, there Read More →

Addiction, 2021, February; Jeff Niederdeppe  1 , Rosemary J Avery  2 , Emmett Tabor  2 , Nathaniel W Lee  2 , Brendan Welch  2 , Christofer Skurka  3 Abstract Aims: To estimate the volume of past-year televised alcohol advertising exposure by product category and demographic group among adults living in the United States and test associations between estimated alcohol advertising Read More →

Alfayad, K., Murray, R.L., Britton, J., Barker, A.B. (2022). Population exposure to alcohol and junk food advertising during the 2018 FIFA world cup: implications for public health. BMC Public Health, 22(1), 908. doi: 10.1186/s12889-022-13233-6. Abstract Background: Advertising alcoholic drinks and food high in fat, sugar, and salt (HFSS) is a driver of alcohol use and HFSS Read More →

D. Wilmsen, Dr. H. Hendriks., Ir. W.E. van Dalen. (2020). Examining the relationship between exposure to alcohol marketing through traditional media channels and drinking behavior. EUCAM.  INTRODUCTION             Consumers are exposed to approximately 4000 advertisements per day (Sanders, 2017), mostly through social media and traditional media channels, including television, radio, outdoor campaigns, sport events, popular music Read More →

Nathan Critchlow, Crawford Moodie Journal of Public Health, fdab353, Published: 09 October 2021   Abstract Background The Republic of Ireland is introducing new controls on alcohol marketing, starting in November 2019 with restrictions on some outdoor and cinema advertising, and a ban on public transport advertising. We examined changes in marketing awareness one year after initial implementation Read More →

Hanneke Hendriks and Madelijn Strick from the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University. September 2020.  This study focuses on the influence of humor in alcohol ads specifically on conversational occurrence, length, and valence about alcohol and alcohol ads.  Humor has been a debatable topic related to ads because of its strong effects and its pervasiveness. Read More →