Alcohol Action Ireland, August 2022 A recent newspaper article has drawn attention to a new departure for alcohol brands whereby zero alcohol products are displayed outside dedicated alcohol areas in shops and supermarkets. Similarly, there has been extensive advertising of zero alcohol products in public spaces where alcohol advertising is now prohibited such as on public transport Read More →

July 23th 2022, Follow the Money The misleading outdated message from the alcohol industry that moderate alcohol consumption makes you live longer eventually ends up with the general practitioner. This is the conclusion from the second article by journalist Petra Wijnsema of Follow-the-Money about the Dutch alcohol prevention policy. The message from the alcohol industry Read More →

19th July 2022 by Daniel Jones. From Stir, University of Stirling New research from the University of Stirling has highlighted the significant impact that alcohol packaging has on capturing the attention of, and creating appeal amongst, young people. Additionally, the research found that packaging helps to shape perceptions of the product, drinker and drinking experience. Read More →

27th June 2022 by Movendi International The Irish government has initiated the process to place health warning labels on all alcohol products.  When coming into effect, the new labeling regulations will ensure that no alcohol product can be sold without bearing a warning that informs the public that: – drinking alcohol causes liver diseases – Read More →

Drug and Drink News, June 29, 2022 The Scottish Government should introduce legislation to restrict alcohol marketing ‘where it has powers to do so’, says a new report from Alcohol Focus Scotland, including outdoor and public spaces, print publications, merchandise branding, and sports and event promotions. The action is necessary to address a situation where Read More →

June 2022 from Alcohol Focus Scotland and the Alcohol Marketing Expert Network.   ABOUT THIS REPORT   In September 2020, Alcohol Focus Scotland reconstituted an international expert network on alcohol marketing (‘the Network’) to update its 2017 report on alcohol marketing, Promoting Good Health from Childhood, and inform action by the Scottish Government. The Network Read More →

New report of the World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. (‎2022)‎. Understanding the digital media ecosystem: how the evolution of the digital marketing ecosystem impacts tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food marketing. World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO  

A recent study by Jones et al. (2021), aimed to explore how alcohol packaging, messaging and warnings could raise awareness, engagement and response to health information.  By conducting eight focus groups with current drinkers, results show that unaided recall of some health information and messaging was high. However, most participants did not attend to or meaningfully Read More →