DPA International , 20-09-2023 Germany needs more extensive restrictions on alcohol advertising in order to protect young people, the government’s commissioner for drug and addiction said on Tuesday. “In order to finally put a stop to the existing proliferation of alcohol and tobacco offers, we need much stronger and very clear guidelines, for example when Read More →

Conference Resolution – ‘Digital Alcohol Marketing in the Spotlight’; Vilnius, Lithuania, 23 June 2023 In a digital world with ever-changing media channels, the possibility for the international alcohol industry to promote their products are endless. Digital alcohol marketing can target groups of consumers with precision not experienced before. This affects current and potential drinkers, especially Read More →

Evening Standard, August 29, By Craig Paton Scotland’s alcohol and drugs policy minister Elena Whitham has said a controversial advertising ban shelved earlier this year is not off the table. First Minister Humza Yousaf  (photo) said in his first major speech in the job earlier this year that the Government would go “back to the drawing board” on the Read More →

20 Aug 2023, https://www.livemint.com; Lisa Jarvis A sharp rise in American women drinking is posing a health threat New data shows that more women in the US are dying from alcohol than ever before. Public health authorities need to adopt more effective strategies to help women realize when their drinking can be a problem. Considering the many marketing messages Read More →

Exposure of no & low alcohol through advertising and supermarkets Alcohol and Drug Foundation, July 2023, Melbourne, Australia  Young people are already exposed to alcohol advertising daily – on billboards, on public transport and on tv (especially during sporting events). On top of this, young people are now seeing multiple ads about zero alcohol drinks and Read More →

Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education, Australia;  April 2023 Advertising for products that cause substantial harm should be required to follow Government-led rules that protect our children, families and broader community. For over 20 years, the alcohol industry has largely set its own rules for advertising through the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) Scheme. The Read More →