18th October 2021 by Ciarán Markey & Darragh Killen. From LK Shields New restrictions targeting alcohol ads are coming into force in Ireland on 12th November 2021. Additional sections of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018, that aims at controlling use and misuse of alcohol through advertising, marketing and sponsorship regulations, will enter into force. Read More →

Yorkshire Cancer Research, 28 September 2021 New research has revealed how many cases of cancer can be linked to drinking alcohol across the world. Dr Stuart Griffiths, our Director of Research & Services, explains how better labelling could help reduce the impact of alcohol on cancer in Yorkshire. It’s clear that for many people, drinking Read More →

News – National | 2021-09-16; by Sakeus Iikela THE government is drafting a law that could potentially make the advertisement, promotion, and sponsorship of alcohol and other dependence-inducing substances in Namibia illegal. The draft bill, seen by The Namibian and titled ‘The Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use’, aims to curb the negative impacts of certain substances, Read More →

Brews News, September 21, 2021 by Clare Burnett Zero alcohol beers have been making headlines in recent months with new brands launched seemingly every day. But while some producers see it as purely a new category of the market, without the excise implications and retail restrictions of alcohol, others are critiquing the advent of non-alcoholic options Read More →

Cancerresearchuk.org; Angharad Kolator Baldwin; August 27, 2021   Two years ago, 8.9 million people tuned in to watch Wales win the Six Nations Championship, beating defending champions Ireland. If you were one of those millions, you might remember over the competition Jonny May scored an impressive 6 tries or a controversial decision from a ref. Read More →

12 September 2021, The West Australian, Gina Rushton Alcoholic drinks that claim to be healthier, more natural, “cleaner” and free of carbohydrates and guilt might be misleading consumers, the Cancer Council has warned. A study released on Sunday analysed the nutrient profile of 144 new alcohol products released between 2019 and 2020 which were promoted as Read More →