New report of the World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. (‎2022)‎. Understanding the digital media ecosystem: how the evolution of the digital marketing ecosystem impacts tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food marketing. World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO  

A recent study by Jones et al. (2021), aimed to explore how alcohol packaging, messaging and warnings could raise awareness, engagement and response to health information.  By conducting eight focus groups with current drinkers, results show that unaided recall of some health information and messaging was high. However, most participants did not attend to or meaningfully Read More →

Wednesday 15th, 2022 by Stephanie Parnell. From Croakey Health Media Stephanie Parnell, Alcohol Policy and Research Coordinator at Cancer Council WA, explains how the marketing of alcohol-health raises questions regarding misinformation. She analyzes how marketing is the one domain where the law should forbid false, misleading and deceptive advertising. Still, we are being constantly exposed Read More →

Join Alcohol Focus Scotland and the Alcohol Marketing Expert Network for the online launch of their new report. Thu, 30 June 2022 10:00 – 11:00 BST Exposure to alcohol marketing causes consumption. It encourages positive attitudes towards alcohol, influences our drinking behaviour and creates a culture where regular alcohol consumption is considered normal and desirable. Read More →

10h May 2022 by Nivashi Nair. From the Sowetan Live The World Health Organization’s latest report on reducing the harm from alcohol and the gaps in regulation of alcohol marketing across borders. The WHO is calling for governments to integrate comprehensive restrictions or bans on alcohol marketing, as digital marketing, across borders, targets the young Read More →

May 3rd, 2022 from Movendi International Big alcohol is rapidly expanding into the metaverse to increase alcohol availability and drive consumption for more profit. In fact, the alcohol industry has already started with virtual liquor stores, NFT product sales, sponsorship, and marketing of virtual events. More specifically, The Metaverse is Big Alcohol’s next target for Read More →