Zien drinken doet drinken? Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction.  Kernpunten: Blootstelling aan alcoholgebruik van anderen, zoals ouders, vrienden en andere rolmodellen, speelt een rol in de ontwikkeling van alcoholgebruik onder jongeren. Dit document geeft een overzicht van de resultaten van recent wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar de invloed van alcoholgebruik in de sociale omgeving (ouders, Read More →

Foster, J., Bryant, L., & Brown, K. (2017). “Like sugar for adults”. The effects of non-parental drinking on children and families. Institute of Alcohol Studies. https://www.ias.org.uk/uploads/pdf/IAS%20reports/rp28102017.pdf This chapter explores the effect of non-dependent parental drinking on a variety of child outcomes, including a child’s attitudes and expectations around alcohol, their consumption habits as they grow Read More →

Bryant, L., McKintosch, A. M., & Bauld, L. (2020). An exploration of the impact of non-dependent parental drinking on children. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 55(1), 121-127. 10.1093/alcalc/agz086 Abstract Aims: To examine the impact of non-dependent parental drinking on UK children aged 10–17. Methods: Cross-sectional survey of UK parents and their children in 2017 (administered to one Read More →