Alcohol advertising A Minor Field Study in Cape Town

The purpose of this study was to examine marketers view of alcohol advertising. Focus have been on its potential effect on the society, moral aspects and its relation to sustainability, identity, gender and celebrities. The method used was semi-structured interviews with eight marketers at three advertise agencies/production companies in Cape Town who have working experience of alcohol advertising and this have been analysed in relation to impact and identity theories as well as ethics. The result showed that majority of the marketers did not believe alcohol advertising increase alcohol consumption nor lead to alcohol abuse but rather create brand awareness and competition between brands. Their perception was also that alcohol brands are connected to identity in South Africa and that using celebrities in alcohol advertising could be highly effecting when using the right celebrity. One conclusion is that the participants did not suffer from moral myopia since they were fully aware of what harm alcohol could have on the society. Regarding moral discussion at work was it some of the marketers that did not talk about ethical issues which could be a sign of moral muteness but it is really hard to draw any conclusion about it after a short interview.


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