De Bruijn and Van den Broeck (2011) have developed a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of existing alcohol marketing regulations and have used this to analyse which European countries have the best and worst regulations. Key points of the fact sheet are: • Effective alcohol marketing regulations are an essential control measure in a comprehensive alcohol Read More →

While there has been a multitude of research on the various ways and media of alcohol marketing and their effects on young people, research on alcohol marketing in the cinema has only recently taken off. This fact sheet covers the prevalence, range and effects of alcohol marketing in the cinema as proven in recent studies Read More →

Adolescent drinking is associated with ill health, premature death, unplanned pregnancy, violence and injury among other social and physical harms. Early onset drinking is also associated with alcohol dependence and the use of other drugs an association not strongly linked to genetics, but rather environmental factors (de Bruijn and Johansen 2009). Recent evidence shows alcohol Read More →

Alcohol is a sedative, while ingredients of energy drinks such as caffeine, guarana and taurine have a stimulant effect. The effects of alcohol are masked which may lead to excessive alcohol consumption (O’Brien, 2008). Research conducted in the United States revealed that adolescents who regularly drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks more often binge drink Read More →