Die Story | November 2022 For many fans, they simply belong together: football and beer. But is this really just a harmless combination of sport and enjoyment? Or is there more to it? Because football clubs and breweries are often closely networked in Germany. Without exception, every club in the first and second Bundesliga is Read More →

STV News, 5 February 2023 by Kevin Scott. A snapshot poll of Scottish Football Supporters Association members found that 79% had been exposed to alcohol adverts or promotion specifically around football. The results also show that supporters are open to change, with two-thirds (64%) of supporters agreeing that Scottish football’s reliance on the alcohol industry Read More →

06 February 2023, The Drinks Business, by Jessica Mason Drinks firms have joined forces to challenge Scottish ministers on moves which could restrict alcohol advertising and marketing. More than 100 drinks companies, including AB-InBev, Diageo, Pernod Ricard, C&C Group, Whyte & Mackay, Edrington, Brewdog, Lanson, and Molson Coors, have signed a the letter to ministers Read More →

Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health, January 2023;  Authors: Sandra Radoš Krnel, Gorazd Levičnik, Wim van Dalen, Giulia Ferrarese, Sandra Tricas‑Sauras Abstract Background The rapid growth of social networking sites and video sharing platforms has created an opportunity for the alcohol industry to employ advanced advertising and marketing approaches to target their audiences, increasingly blurring Read More →

20th December 2022 | Jem Roberts, Institute of Alcohol Studies, UK The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on ‘Restricting alcohol advertising and promotion’, which proposes restricting advertising of alcohol on television, outdoor billboards, through sports and events sponsorship, and through branded merchandise and online. The aim is to reduce alcohol consumption across the population, Read More →

19-01-2023 Frequent exposure to alcoholic drinks advertisements to teenagers and the younger population has been linked to heavy drinking among the youth. This is according to the world health organization which notes that 13.5% of all deaths among persons aged 20–39 are alcohol-related. W.H.O. has to this end called on governments to integrate comprehensive restrictions Read More →

11 January 2023 Global Advertising Lawyers (GALA)  by Denise Mirandah (Mirandah Asia) (New York)     The Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, B.E. 2551 (“the ABCA”) poses challenges for manufacturers and content creators producing alcohol advertisement projects in Thailand. The ABCA aims to reduce alcohol-related problems by controlling the sale and advertisement of alcoholic beverages, and punishing non-compliance Read More →