The Standard; 21 May 2024; By Stephanie Wangari

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA, Kenya) announced a nationwide crackdown on billboards promoting alcoholic beverages near schools. In a statement on Monday, NACADA said exposure to outdoor alcohol advertising around schools was associated with youth intentions to use the beverage.

Further, the Authority noted that the current age of alcohol initiation in the country is seven years. “Schools should be secure environments that foster learning and personal growth, free from any influences that may contribute to harmful behaviours.”

“The presence of alcohol advertisements near educational institutions, therefore, undermines these endeavours by normalising the consumption of alcohol and portraying it as an appealing and glamorous choice,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

NACADA has since asked advertisement agencies to exercise social responsibility by being wary of the environment before erecting such billboards.

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