By Selina Ross 2 Dec 2022  Caterina Giorgi says telemarketing is a “dark approach” to advertising.   Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the rate of alcohol-induced deaths was at its highest in 10 years in 2021, with 1,559 deaths. The ABS said the rate increase over the last decade was “largely Read More →

November 2022 Australian Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Fare): We all have the right to use digital technology safely.  But every day millions of people across Australia, including children, are exposed to relentless digital marketing tactics designed to target their personal vulnerabilities.   This is especially concerning when harmful and addictive products, like alcohol, are Read More →

Drug and Alcohol Review, First published: 24 November 2022; Authors: June Leung, Sally Casswell (photo) and others. Abstract Introduction Alcohol abstinence remains common among adults globally, although low and middle-income countries are experiencing declines in abstention. The effect of alcohol policies on lifetime abstinence is poorly understood. The International Alcohol Control (IAC) policy index was Read More →

October 12; 2022 Tith Kongnov / Khmer Times  The Ministry of Education of Cambodia wants the law to ban alcohol advertising in sports events and venues to be enacted as soon as possible to prevent the use of alcohol that affect children and youth. Undersecretary of State for the Ministry of Education Soeur Socheata said Read More →

The WHO publishes a comprehensive report detailing he full extent of the way that alcohol is being marketed across national borders- often by digital means- and often regardless of the social, economic or cultural environment in receiving countries. The report highlights how increasingly sophisticated advertising and promotion techniques, including linking alcohol brands to sports and Read More →