Eurocare New study reveals the massive exposure of alcohol from blogs and influencers. Actis Norway launched in the autumn of 2020 an investigation of exposure to alcohol in social media. The investigation was done by Retriever, a Nordic company providing communication insight. One of Eurocare’s members in Norway, Actis, has carried out an analysis of Read More →

26th of January, 2021 by Jordan Lukeš. From Socialbakers “How much do you think online alcohol sales increased during the pandemic?”, the author asks. Data regarding these online sales, show that in the US, only at the end of March 21, 2020 increased by 262% year over year. Alcohol brands, like other brands, need to Read More →

January 21st, 2021 by Clare Burnett. From Brews News.  Three ads by alcohol brands which were considered by the ABAC (Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code) panel, were dismissed, including a complaint related to the alcoholic Carlton Zero beer that highlighted the issues inherent in no-alcohol brand extensions. Carlton & United Breweries’ non-alcoholic beer offering, Carlton Zero, Read More →

January 17th, 2021 by Lotta Dann. From Newsroom New Zealand.  The main point of the article is that of addressing the problem of how alcohol in New Zealand is being marketed and sold by creating a far more robust framework controlling it.  The author expresses the alcohol advertisements as “Glamorous. Groomed. Healthy. Trendy. Swarthy. Robust. These Read More →

Hanneke Hendriks and Madelijn Strick from the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University. September 2020.  This study focuses on the influence of humor in alcohol ads specifically on conversational occurrence, length, and valence about alcohol and alcohol ads.  Humor has been a debatable topic related to ads because of its strong effects and its pervasiveness. Read More →

28th of December, 2020 by Kathryn Lundstorm. From Adweek. To recap the alcohol industry in 2020, although one might assume that the drinking public didn’t have much to cheers to this year, alcohol (ecommerce) grew by more than 40% globally this year. This could happen thanks to a demand for alcohol delivery skyrocketed, launching apps like Drizly and Read More →

30-Nov-2020 By Stephen Firth, Senior Partner, Vivaldi London Brands which copy successful innovations will forever be playing catch up. Instead, they should understand why an innovation has succeeded and use those insights to carve out their own path, writes Stephen Firth, senior partner, Vivaldi London, in this guest article. link to the original article

Science ; November 24, 2020; University of Amsterdam; Alcohol marketing generally leads to higher alcohol consumption, also among minors. This is shown by a study by the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the University of Twente, prompted by the Dutch National Prevention Agreement. The research systematically charted the effects of alcohol marketing. It did Read More →