26th September, 2022 by Jessica Mason. From The Drinks Business. A study has found that children can internalise adult drinking behaviours from a young age, despite not drinking alcohol until adolescence.  The research, which took place in the Netherlands, was led by Dr Megan Cook and Professor Emmanuel Kuntsche, from the Centre of Alcohol Policy Read More →

14th September, 2022 from the University of Queensland.  New research has found adolescents who are active on social media are being exposed to content that could put them at risk of developing drug and alcohol issues. The study, led by University of Queensland PhD student Brienna Rutherford from UQ’s National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research, examined how drug Read More →

6th September, 2022. From The Conversation. The rise of online advertising has led to “dark advertising”, where ads can only be seen by the individuals being targeted, no one knows how, when, where or why the ads appear, and the ads are data-driven, meaning they target people most likely to use the advertised product the Read More →

7th September, 2022 from the Cancel Council Victoria.  A new research led by the Cancel Council Victoria has revealed that students aged between 12 and 15 years are exposed to an alcohol ad every other day and those with a higher exposure to alcohol advertising are more likely to drink alcohol.  The research showed that Read More →

A new survey to better understand the presence of alcohol in people’s communities across Sotland was carried on by the Alcohol Action Group starting December 2020. Below you can read information about the survey and key findings. To read the full report, click on the following link: https://www.sfad.org.uk/content/uploads/2022/09/Alcohol-Everywhere-Report-2022.pdf.  1.1. About the Surveys The Alcohol Action Read More →

14th April, 2022 by Caroline Kahiu. From Movendi International Pink, glitter, “mummy juice” or “wine o’clock” time… alcohol selling strategies that can be patronizing and damaging have proliferated in recent years. The alcohol industry has shifted from using women to sell alcohol to men, to using feminine and feminist signals to sell alcohol to women. We are Read More →

Utrecht, The Netherlands, August 31th 2022 This is conclusion of an experiment by the Dutch journalistic research platform Pointer. State Secretary for Health Maarten van Ooijen is shocked: “This is dramatic.” The journalists of Pointer opened a TikTok account as a 13-year-old and scrolled through the social media platform for an hour. They entered searches Read More →

May 11th, 2022 from the Health Alcohol Alliance. Does the alcohol industry fund alcohol research and what impact does this have? Dr Gemma Mitchell, a research fellow at the University of York, spoke to researchers to find out more about how the industry’s involvement in science affects them. The research team interviewed 37 alcohol researchers Read More →

August 18th, 2022 from Movendi International With Australians becoming more health conscious and opting for products that are better for their health and well-being, Big Alcohol companies are trying to capitalize on this trend. Cancer Council Victoria reports that over 75% of adults who use alcohol in Australia think ‘‘low carb’’ and ‘‘no added sugar’’ Read More →