8 June 2014

Turkish shop owners getting ready for alcohol advertising restrictionsIn Turkey alcohol retailers as well as bars and restaurants are preparing for the new law coming into effect later this month, which bans the use of logos in alcohol marketing. Australian news website news.com.au describes the way people are getting ready.

“You can have written on the outside ‘Efes shop’ or even just ‘beer for sale,’ but you cannot have an official logo of a brand,” a kiosk owner told news.com.au. Ahmed, explains that he will cover up the logos inside and outside his shop. Later on the store owner states that most of the signs on storefronts of small alcohol shops are paid for by brands, as a form of advertising and that Efes is supposed to come shortly to change the sign for him.

Another restaurant owner is quoted, who explains that his long list of cocktails posted on a length-wise sign hanging outside can stay so long as no brand’s logo is visible: “We won’t be losing business over this new law. So why did they do this? I think they are just crazy.”

The article goes on to explain that the recent ban on selling alcohol after 10AM in stores (excluding restaurants) is widely being ignored. It goes on giving examples of the ways that kiosk owners break this law and how home-delivery services circumvent it.

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Source: news.com.au 06/07/14

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