From: This Naked Mind, Annie Grace From billboards to commercials to magazine ads, alcohol marketing is everywhere. But does this really work? Or is it geared for a certain ‘addictive’ audience? With greater than 10 years of marketing experience, Annie shares fascinating research, crazy statistics, and what the ultimate marketing goals are in this multi-million Read More →

Digital food marketing using influencers; February 2019; The Norwegian Consumer Council The Norwegian Consumer Council has for many years been working to reduce pressure on children and young people from the marketing of unhealthy food and drink. The Consumer Council along with a number of other organisations voiced their support when in 2012 the Norwegian Read More →

By Alison Douglas, Chief Executive , Alcohol Focus Scotland; jan. 2019 Alcohol is everywhere. Whether we want to drink or not we are surrounded by constant prompts that alcohol should be part of our life, and never more so when it comes to celebrations and gift giving. And although the alcohol industry have long objectified and Read More →

Trinidad and Tobago, 18 dec. 2018 THE EDITOR: The most revolting ads on television are those that glorify the drinking of rum, whisky and other alcoholic beverages. Such advertising is prevalent during prime time, especially the 7 pm newscasts, when many minors may be watching. The ravages of alcohol are well known and well documented. Read More →

Dan Mushens reacts to the Scottish Government’s plans to restrict alcohol advertising; 23 November 2018 Tobacco and nicotine are usually considered as equivalents but it seems tobacco advertising is more firmly censured than alcohol is. We’re not even allowed to look at a box of cigarettes in shops these days and when we do catch Read More →

  8th November 2018 by philcain UK health minister Matt Hancock said in parliament this week that we ought to follow his example and “drink responsibly”, as part of a contentious wider plan to use the idea of personal responsibility to ward off health problems. Responsible drinking is the long-time boilerplate of alcohol producers used Read More →