Jim Mc Cambridge, Melissa Mialon & Ben Hawkins; Alcohol industry involvement in policy making 2018; Aims To summarize the substantive findings of studies of alcohol industry involvement in national or supranational policymaking, and to produce a new synthesis of current evidence. Methods This study examined peer-reviewed journal reports published in the English language between 1980 Read More →

Maria Margarida Paixao & Melissa Mialon; Help or Hindrance? The Alcohol Industry and Alcohol Control in Portugal; Int. J. of Environmental Research and Public Health (2019).; Abstract: The influence of the alcohol industry, also known as “corporate political activity” (CPA), is documented as one of the main barriers in implementing effective alcohol control policies. In Read More →

Craig S. Ross, Robert D. Brewer, David H. Jernigan. The Potential Impact of a “No-Buy” list on Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Cable Television; Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs, jan. 2016 ABSTRACT. Objective: The purpose of this study was to outline a method to improve alcohol industry compliance with its self-regulatory advertising Read More →

Objective: Current national responses to the monitoring and prevention of alcohol marketing to vulnerable populations, such as youth, typically rely on partial bans, co-regulation and industry self-regulation. Efforts to evaluate compliance with existing regulations are often cumbersome and resource intensive. We sought to develop a short questionnaire to assess compliance of alcohol advertising to existing Read More →

Alcohol marketing, promotion and sponsorship are widespread in most of the world today. Alcohol marketing is evolving constantly and utilizes multiple channels, including youth-oriented radio, television, sports events and popular music concerts, websites, social media, mobile phones and product placements in movies and TV shows. Marketers are moving increasingly to digital and social media, where Read More →

In a recent study, Addiction Switzerland provides an overview of the challenges linked to online alcohol marketing. The main findings of the research are presented below. The study consists of four parts: (Non systematic) review of the literature on the impact and the strategies of online marketing for alcohol Monitoring of online alcohol marketing via Read More →

Author: Avalon de Bruijn, Carina Ferreira-Borges, Rutger Engels & Megha Bhavsar Title: Monitoring outdoor alcohol advertising in developing countries: Findings of a pilot study in five African countries Journal:  African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies 13.1 (2014). Abstract This paper aims to describe alcohol advertising in the public arena of Gambia, Ghana, Madagascar, Nigeria and Uganda. Analyses on the Read More →