McCambridge, J., Garry, J., Kypri, K., & Hastings, G. (2022). “Using information to shape perception”: tobacco industry documents study of the evolution of Corporate Affairs in the Miller Bewwing Company”. Globalization and Health, 18(52), 1-14. Abstract Background  The Miller Brewing Company (MBC) was wholly owned by Phillip Morris (PM), between 1970 and 2002. Tobacco industry Read More →

McCambridge, J., Garry,J., Room, R. (2021). The origins and purposes of alcohol industry social aspects organizations: insights from the tobacco industry documents. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 82(6), 740-751. 10.15288/jsad.2021.82.740    Objective: This article describes the origins and purposes of alcohol industry “social aspects organizations” as portrayed in internal tobacco industry documents. Method: Read More →

SuGolder1JimMcCambridge; Department of Health Sciences, University of York, York, United Kingdom (2021) Highlights •Reviews by authors with no prior industry funding yield mixed findings on alcohol and CVD. •Reviews by authors with prior industry funding all report alcohol protective effects. •14/60 systematic reviews are from industry associated co-authorship subnetworks. •Reviews by authors with previous industry Read More →

MARK PETTICREW, NASON MAANI, LUISA PETTIGREW, HARRY RUTTER, and MAY C I VAN SCHALKWYK The Milbank Quarterly, Vol. 98, No. 4, 2020 (pp. 1290-1328) Policy Points:Nudges steer people toward certain options but also allow them to gotheir own way. “Dark nudges” aim to change consumer behavior againsttheir best interests. “Sludge” uses cognitive biases to make Read More →

Dr Nason Maani, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Public Health and Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine , 2020 Conclusions:  The alcohol industry has great expertise and commercial interest in manufacturing,marketing and selling alcohol (not public health)• A key reason for its involvement in public health agendas is because effective publichealth policies pose a Read More →

By Knai, C., Petticrew, M., Capewell, S., et al.   Published on BMJ Global Health, 6, (2021)  Received: July 25, 2020 Accepted: October 22, 2020 Published Online: November 11, 2020   Objectives: Most non-communicable diseases are preventable and largely driven by the consumptionof harmful products, such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling and ultra-processed food and drink Read More →

  By Benjamin R. Hawkins & Jim McCambridge  Published on Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 82(1), 84–92 (2021)  Received: May 21, 2020 Accepted: September 10, 2020 Published Online: February 15, 2021   Objective: In 2016, the U.K. Chief Medical Officers published revised low-risk drinking guidelines, based on an updated evidence review. These guidelines Read More →

Benjamin Hawkins & Jim McCambridge; Public-private partnerships and the politics of alcohol policy in England: the Coalition Government’s Public Health ‘Responsibility Deal’; BMC Public Health (2019) Background: The 2010–2015 Conservative-led Coalition Government launched their flagship Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) for England in 2011; a year before their alcohol strategy. This co-regulatory regime placed alcohol Read More →

Jim Mc Cambridge, Melissa Mialon & Ben Hawkins; Alcohol industry involvement in policy making 2018; Aims To summarize the substantive findings of studies of alcohol industry involvement in national or supranational policymaking, and to produce a new synthesis of current evidence. Methods This study examined peer-reviewed journal reports published in the English language between 1980 Read More →