Fare, Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education; Australia, November 2023

Creating safe online spaces for our families and communities

We all have the right to use digital technology safely. 

But every day millions of people across Australia, including children, are exposed to relentless digital marketing tactics designed to target their personal vulnerabilities.  This is especially concerning when harmful and addictive products, like alcohol, are being pushed online.   

We know exposing children and young people to alcoholic product marketing increases the likelihood they will start drinking earlier and drink at risky levels. We also know the current online advertising model allows companies to target people based on purchasing data, creating a cycle that makes it difficult if you’re cutting back or have experienced alcohol dependence – the more alcohol you have purchased, the more ads you will be served to trigger your drinking.

Currently there are limited protections in Australia to restrict pervasive marketing tactics. We need strong checks and balances to ensure our families and communities are kept safe from harmful digital marketing practices by alcohol companies. So many Australians have experienced harm from alcohol sold on digital apps and delivered in as little as 20 minutes, without proper checks and balances. Do you have a story to share? Please get in touch: https://fare.org.au/alcohol-marketing-online/


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