25th February 2022 from the press release of Health Coalition Aotearoa

The Blues, Hurricanes and Matatu franchises have committed to refusing alcohol branding sponsorships and have partnered with Te Hiranga Hauora – The Health Promotion Agency in the upcoming Sky Super Rugby Aupiki league to display Quitstrong.nz branding.

QuitStrong is an established brand with an audience of wāhine Maori aged between 18-34 which promotes stop smoking messages and supports harm minimisation caused by alcohol sponsorship.

Sally Caswell, Health Coalition Aotearoa’s Alcohol Expert, says “Removing alcohol sponsorship from sports and major events is a priority policy that, evidence shows, will denormalise the drinking culture prevalent within our national sport”.

She adds to the conversation by stating that: “Health Coalition Aotearoa is looking ahead to the forth coming review of our alcohol legislation and hopes the Government will take action to restrict alcohol marketing in other areas”. She continues, “The Health Coalition Aotearoa sees this as a very welcome step in the right direction towards an Aotearoa New Zealand free from the marketing of alcohol products”.

To read the full article, click on the following link: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/GE2202/S00096/womens-rugby-sidestep-of-alcohol-sponsors-to-be-celebrated.htm

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