1st of July, 2021 by Esther Mobley. From San Francisco Chronicle.

Mass-market alcohol messaging has always addressed the world along intensely gendered lines, and it’s always been problematic. We all know how its overly simplistic dogma goes: Men drink beer and whiskey; women drink sweet wine and pink drinks. Recently, though, some alcohol companies have been trying to break away from the binary and market to customers of all genders — as is the case with the subject of my recent story about canned wine spritzers.

What it is? Wine spritzers are wine cooler, just with another name: wine plus soda water plus flavorings.

If before wine spritzers tried to appeal to women, the makers of today’s wine spritzers try to appeal to all genders. For instance, the emergence of “brosé”, suddenly made pink wine an acceptable drink for dudes.

Moreover, the new dynamics still don’t treat all genders equally. While canned rosé and mango-flavored hard seltzer have now been deemed “acceptable” drinks for men, according to these stereotypes, women drinking beer and whiskey — products that were traditionally cast as masculine — are still often fetishized in their popular-culture representations.

Find the full article in the following link: https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/wine/article/Alcohol-marketing-is-trying-to-be-more-16285146.php.

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