January 17th, 2021 by Lotta Dann. From Newsroom New Zealand. 

The main point of the article is that of addressing the problem of how alcohol in New Zealand is being marketed and sold by creating a far more robust framework controlling it. 

The author expresses the alcohol advertisements as “Glamorous. Groomed. Healthy. Trendy. Swarthy. Robust. These are the types of people we constantly see portrayed in alcohol advertisements.”; and she continues describing them as portraying a specific message: “Drink alcohol and you’ll be this way too. Drink alcohol and your life will be good. Drink alcohol and you’ll have friends. Drink alcohol and your wellbeing will be enhanced.”. 

Although marketers know that negative impacts don’t help selling their products, as well as being carcinogenic, the author points out that the alcohol industry is still misleading and damaging. Therefore, she proposes to manage this problem through laws and regulations surrounding the advertising and marketing towards the industry. 

She concludes “It’s not about denying people the opportunity to buy and consume booze. It’s about stopping glamorised and misleading promotion”. 


To access the full article, click on the following link: https://www.newsroom.co.nz/glamorous-alcohol-ads-hide-ugly-truth


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