Reference for this report: Van Hoof, J. J., Hendriks, H., Noort, P. D., Van Eck, J. M., Basemans, S. E., Pieterse, M. E., Walet, M., & Van Reijmersdal, E., A. (2020). Knowledge Syntheses Alcohol Marketing. Literature research into the impact and effect of alcohol marketing on problematic alcohol use in response to the Dutch National Prevention Agreement.


Prompted by the National Prevention Agreement (2018), a systematic literature review and four focus group sessions were conducted to describe the current body of knowledge about the scope and consequences of alcohol marketing. We also identified several knowledge gaps and recommendations for future research. The most important conclusion is that the majority of scientific studies and reviews conclude that there are positive associations between alcohol marketing and alcohol consumption, also in (underage) youth. According to two recent and large review studies, this is a causal relationship. The possible effects of alcohol marketing for pregnant women, heavy drinkers, and addicted people is unknown. Furthermore, we conclude that alcohol marketing is omnipresent in Dutch society, and that alcohol marketing also reaches minors. Especially the presence of alcohol and alcohol marketing on social media is an issue of increasing concern. The possible effects of marketing for 0.0% drinks and the market penetration of these beverages in Dutch society are barely studied and require further attention.

Original report (in Dutch)

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