Promoting good health from childhood

Reducing the impact of alcohol marketing on children in Scotland

A report by the virtual expert network on alcohol marketing

This report has been developed by a virtual expert group on alcohol marketing, established following discussions at the Global Alcohol Policy Conference held in Edinburgh in October 2015. The group was tasked by the then Minister for Public Health, Maureen Watt MSP, to consider the top policy options for a range of areas within advertising and sponsorship, taking into account how such policies might be implemented in Scotland.

Network members have expertise in alcohol marketing research, policy and legislation, as it relates to the protection of public health and the reduction of health and social harm caused by alcohol. In developing this report and its recommendations, the virtual network adopted the following approach:

a)  it focused on where the evidence of the effects of alcohol marketing is strongest, which is predominantly in relation to mass media advertising.

b)  it prioritized policy options to protect children and young people, responding to current concerns about children being exposed to large volumes of marketing for health-harming products.


Foreword 2

Executive Summary 4

1. Introduction 9

2.  Promoting good health from childhood 12

3.  Nature, extent and reach of contemporary alcohol marketing 15

4. The influence of alcohol marketing on children and young people 20

5. Failure of self-regulation of alcohol marketing 24

6. The way forward: Putting children first 27

 7. Recommendations 32

Appendix One: Membership of Virtual Network 37

Appendix Two: Support for action to protect children from alcohol marketing 38

Appendix Three: Examples of statutory restrictions on alcohol marketing in other European countries 39

References 42

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