Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance) wrote an open letter to the CEO of Carlsburg and the CEO of Olvi plc: “Why threaten the Estonia Government when they are trying to ensure you have healthy consumers?”:

In this letter, Eurocare asks Carlsberg and Olvi to reconsider their policy and instead of withdrawing their companies from Estonia if that government continues with their alcohol policy plans, congratulate Estonia Government for prioritising the health of its citizens.

In the meanwhile, Estonia has indicated that alcohol policies will be one of the priorities during the Estonian EU Presidency. Ossinovski said on social media that EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis acknowledged Estonia’s plans to toughen alcohol policy domestically during a meeting in Brussels.

“We agreed that within the framework of the presidency, Estonia will put the focus on several Europe-wide topics of alcohol policy from online marketing to labeling of alcohol,” the Estonian minister stated.

To download the letter from Eurocare, please click here. 

For an overview of the current regulations on alcohol marketing in Estonia, please click here.



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