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President Hollande told the wine world meeting in Bordeaux that the law Evin must first be preserved.

This was the demand for weeks of the whole health community since the vote of an amendment seriously questioning it.

Fortunately, all parliamentarians are not subservient to the lobby of alcohol! While MPs will debate in plenary of the text of the Macron law resulting from the special committee of the Assembly, a resistance is organized to keep the law in its current balance. At the initiative of Madame Delaunay, former minister, an proposal calling to remove the amendment by the wine representative will be tabled in this regard.

The organizations that have mobilized for weeks to save the loi Evin, welcome this initiative, including the courage of Mrs Delaunay, MP of Bordeaux, but also a doctor. We also applaud her for being conscious of the damage caused by alcohol.

The press has widely reported, most often in a negative way, about the action of a lobby that exploits a part of the national representation for its own purposes. Furthermore, the publication of a supplement of 18 pages of World wines (dated 14 and 15 June 2015) is timely evidence that the defence of the wine country is in no way threatened by the loi Evin in its current edition.

We call upon the national representation to follow the path of wisdom advocated by the president and the government, and to preserve the status quo on the loi Evin, balance between protection of health and information on product.

Claude Rivière
Head of European and International Affairs
Association Nationale de Prévention en Alcoologie et Addictologie
June 15th, 2015

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