Author: Josipa Glavaš & Mirjana Rumboldt
Title: Beer is food isn’t it? The effect of beer advertising on the drinking among youth
Journal: Medicina Familiaris Croatica: Journal of the Croatian Association of Family Medicine, Vol.22 No.2 Ožujak 2015.

The aim of this study was to analyse the influence of beer advertising on attitudes and drinking behavior among adolescents. A total of 934 high school students in Split were interviewed using a confidential questionnaire. The results showed that the extent of beer consumption corrrelated to male gender, lower academic performance, type of school, owning of promotional items, likability of beer ads, and risky behavior. Although beer ads are popular among most of the participants, beer promotion (advertising, promotional items, sales promotion) was not related to drinking frequency or quantity, and there was no clear link between the ad preference and the consumption of the respective brand. Regarding the frequency of advertising exposure and its acceptance among adolescents, it is necessary to dilute this influence with equally attractive counter-advertising targeting youth and educate them about the media impact.

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