stella artois instagramAB Inbev beer Stella Artois is the first beer company to advertise on photo based social network site Instagram. The ‘Give Beautifully’ campaign is aimed to bolster sales this holiday season and will run exclusively on US Instagram profiles.

An insightful article on The Drum describes how after such brands as Bacardi and Corona Stella Artois is the first beer brand to advertise their wares through Instagram. The article states that this new campaign is significant because alcohol producers already have a good handle on Facebook and Twitter, while the “creative and visual demands of the photo-based platform” form a new challenge. “It represents the latest hurdle brewers are trying to overcome in the race to build more aggressive marketing strategies capable of getting people to pay more attention to beer.” Specifically the goal of the campaign is understood to be refreshing the Stella Artois brand for younger drinkers.

The ads, which depict the beer alongside food in festive settings, are targeted to the appropriately aged users using data.

According to The Drum, promoting beer and food pairings has fuelled the success of craft beers in the US. AB InBev is hoping it can adapt the tactic to stoke growth this holiday season.

Lucas Herscovici, vice president of consumer connections at AB InBev, is quoted by The Drum: “Reaching and engaging legal drinking age millennial consumers is critical for all of our brands. As a leading social platform for 21+ consumers, Instagram is a very important channel for us. We are excited to work with Instagram as they seek to integrate advertising into the consumer experience, which is as high quality and beautiful as the images users would normally see in their feeds.”

Source: The Drum 12/02/14

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