British super market chain ASDA drops responsibility dealBritish supermarket chain ASDA has taken back its pledge to ban alcohol promotions from its store foyers. A spokesperson said this was the result of competitors not following ASDA’s example and pointed out that a lack of government regulation created this situation.

Two and a half years ago, ASDA was the first British retailer to remove alcohol promotions from foyers. However, last month the retailer reversed this initiative for the August bank holiday and announced it will also do this for Christmas and Easter.

A spokesperson said ASDA had hoped the rest of the British retail industry would follow their ban on alcohol promotions in store foyers: “Sadly they didn’t.” […] “Without more stringent measures from the government, we have had no choice but to reverse this decision…” said the same spokesperson.

ASDA’s ban on alcohol promotions in store foyers was part of the UK government’s Responsibility Deal, which has been firmly criticized by health experts, scientists and NGOs. A main point of criticism was the reliance on industry for this mayor health policy. This U-turn by ASDA clearly shows the problems of relying on profit driven companies in public health policy.

Source: The Grocer 09/06/13

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