Ukraine to introduce a total ban on alcohol advertisingThe Ukrainian parliament plans to ban alcohol and tobacco advertising as part of a wide ranging reform that could half growth in the country’s advertising market next year.

In a new bill still to go to vote, parliament proposes a complete ban on tobacco and alcohol advertising across all media and the abolition of any form of advertising in cinemas.

Tobacco advertising is already banned on TV and radio and a number of other restrictions apply to the sector including:
• Alcohol advertising can only be broadcast from 11pm to 6am.
• Neither alcohol or tobacco advertising are permitted on front and back pages of print media, inside print media directed at persons under the age of 18, or indoors and on transport media.
• Tobacco and alcohol advertisements must not contain images of consumption, cannot depict persons under 18 and must include a health warning.
• This health warning must cover at least 15 per cent total surface used. Exterior advertising of alcohol and tobacco must not be placed within 300m from schools.

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