No less than 43 percent of the festivals where the majority of visitors are under 25 years of age in Sweden are sponsored by an alcohol vendor. Overall, one in four Swedish festivals has an alcohol vendor sponsor. These figures come from a recently released report from Swedish moderation movement IQ which focuses on alcohol sponsorship of festivals.


According to new research executed for IQ, alcohol vendors are not over represented compared to other kinds of sponsors. However, when looking at festivals aimed at people aged between 18 and 24, alcohol sponsors are frequent and active.

The report describes that alcohol vendors often seem to choose to sponsor festivals aimed at people under 25. “That’s precisely why it is important that the rules on marketing of alcohol are enforced effectively, ideals of temperance are respected alcohol marketing is not specifically aimed at youth, says Magnus Jägerskog, CEO of IQ.

The report also shows that:
-Beer brands are the sponsorship category that is most prominent at festivals aimed at people below 25.
– Alcohol vendors will be much more active in their sponsorship if the festival has a target audience of people aged under 25.
– A majority of alcohol sponsors that sponsor festivals, do so at festivals where the primary audience is under 25.

The report is based on an October 2012 telephone survey with 27 Swedish festival organizers.

The full report “Alcohol trademarks sponsorship of Swedish festivals” is available (in Swedish) for download on


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