British newspaper The Independent reports that ‘street drinker event’ have dropped with 49 per cent, after the sale of super-strength alcohol was banned in the town of Ipswich. The results come from a voluntary program which was launched six months ago by the local police and retail chain Co-op.


The ‘Reducing the Strength’ campaign was launched, to address concerns at the behaviour of itinerant drinkers intoxicated by the likes of Tennent’s Super and Carlsberg Special Brew. According to The Independent, initially 53 stores banned the sale of cheap beers, lagers and ciders with an alcohol volume of at least 6.5 per cent. At the moment, their ranks have swollen to 80 shops, equating to two-thirds of the town’s stores.

Local businesses have also reported positive effects, with surveys revealing a 20 per cent fall in the number of people stating they witnessed “a high level of street drinking around their premises.”

A great number of police forces and public-sector agencies across the UK have been in contact with Suffolk police to discuss the campaign.

Source: 04/04/13

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