The Finnish Government is considering a total ban on outdoor alcohol advertising, according to Finland’s public broadcasting company Yle. The ban would also affect advertisements in media such as radio and social networking site Facebook. Alcohol branded sports sponsorship would remain unaffected.


Yle reports that a ministerial social and health policy working group will recommend a ban on alcoholic beverage advertisements at bus stops, on buses, on the metro, trams and other public places. The work group also favours the prohibition of games with alcohol-related themes on social networking site Facebook. Furthermore, the group will advise that the current restrictions for advertising alcohol on television to be expanded to radio. In effect, this would mean that radio ads for alcoholic beverages would only be aired after 9.00 pm.

According to Yle, alcohol branded sports sponsoring will still be permitted, meaning alcohol ads would remain visible in sporting arenas and on sporting teams’ gear.

The proposed ban has already been incorporated into the government’s working programme, so new legislation enforcing the tighter rules should have been enacted at the beginning of the year.

In reaction, JCDecaux the largest outdoor advertising company in Finland has said they will start a lawsuit against the government if the ban on outdoor marketing will come into effect. JCDecaux expects to lose 10% of its turnover if the law becomes reality and says the ban will favour certain advertising tools and companies, while it discriminates others.

Source: 04/09/13 04/12/13

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