Squeezable pouches, in Europe mostly used as packaging for fruit juice, soft drinks and dairy products, seem to be the latest trend in alcohol packaging in the US. Marketing website AdAge explores this unlikely new trend.


The AdAge article states that plastic pouches in the US are now containing wine, premixed cocktails and flavored malt beverages ‘as a way to lure consumers seeking a quick and convenient buzz — er, drink.’

According to AdAge the trend really took off this summer with the introduction of pouch versions of products like Smirnoff and Arbor Mist. Nielsen reports indicate that sales of alcohol pouches in the US have increased 153% in one year. Making the gross value of the products sold $154 million. Another worrying development described in the article is the expected growth of pouch drinks in grocery stores.

The article points at Diageo as one of the biggest entrants in the world of pouch drinks. This summer the drinks giant began US distribution of Parrot Bay- and Smirnoff-branded pouches containing fruity malt-beverage drinks meant to be frozen and squeezed into a glass or cup. The single-serve 10-ounce pouches retail for $1.99 and are positioned as a ‘no-mess way to enjoy fancy bar drinks at home.’

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Source: AdAge  09/10/12

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