russia-digital-banIn Russia, the State Duma (Lower House) has approved a new law that prohibits alcohol advertising online and in printed media. After January 1st 2013 alcohol advertisements will be completely forbidden.

This tightening on alcohol marketing is the work of deputies from United Russia, Sergei Zheleznyak, Irina Yarovaya and Igor Rudensky. “We had to take radical measures, firstly concerning the media where youth presence is the most widespread,” Rudensky told Russian news website

Currently, alcohol advertisements are forbidden on the first and the last page of printed media; on TV during the day; on any kind of public transport; in children’s, educational, medical or sports organizations; or within a radius of 100 meters of such institutions.

The new strengthened regulations will come into effect after July 23. From that time on, all ads will be prohibited outdoors, on TV 24 hours per day, including subscription channels, and in airports, railway, and bus stations. Also, alcohol producers can no longer organize events where buying alcohol is necessary to participate.

However, alcohol producers, advertisers and legal teams are already looking how to get around the new laws, quotes the head of a analytical department from a major Russian advertising firm who states that the law is stated vaguely and that lawyers could get around it if necessary. Also, it is not yet clear how the ban on online alcohol marketing will be monitored and upheld.

Source: 04/07/12

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