Two years ago, Lithuania showed willingness to protect health of its citizens by restricting alcohol marketing. The Lithuanian Health Program and Alcohol Control Law suggested an alcohol marketing ban from 1 January 2012. However, that situation has now changed, after a regrettable Parliament decision has stopped the process.

“Biggest shame to Lithuania”, says the Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition.

The President of the Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition, Aruelijus Veryga (picture) is disappointed after the new turn. “This is very sad, and it is disappointing that President of the Lithuanian used Norway as an unsuccessful and ineffective example of alcohol advertisement ban. This is not only wrong, but also an insult to Norway which is one of the leading countries in alcohol control”.

However, Veryga and the coalition will keep on working towards a ban. “We have legal consultations with lawyers to see if we can go for the Constitutional Court and legal procedures in Parliament because of violations of Statute of the Parliament”, says Veryga.

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