Yesterday Heineken launched its international campaign for the Holidays, called ‘Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers’. In their press release, Heineken states that the campaign aims to encourage the responsible consumption of its brands. The brewer claims the campaign takes a ‘progressive stance by showing that drinking responsibly can be aspirational.’

The campaign which uses YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as traditional broadcast channels, was launched just in time for the Holliday season, ‘to maximize the relevance, attention and impact of the message’.

Upon launch, the campaign partly consists of an 85 second commercial, in which the main character turns down a bottle of bear in favor of a bottle of water, according to the press release, to ‘celebrate the night to the fullest.

While a beer brewer advertising moderate consumption will understandably be met by raised eyebrows, according to Alexis Nasard, Heineken’s Chief Commercial Officer: “Heineken has both the opportunity and the responsibility to encourage moderate drinking.”

Cyril Charzat, senior director of the Heineken brand, even went as far as stating: “You can’t build a long-term, sustainable business on excessive consumption.” It remains to be seen, whether or not the beer giant will live up to this quote, or if this is just a hollow message of corporate social responsibility.

For more info on the campaign, including the commercial visit MemeMachine>>

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