AMMIE Sports Sponsoring Reports

iStock_000001812006LargeAs sport sponsoring has become an important marketing tool within the past years, the AMMIE project concentrated on observing the content and the quantity of sport sponsorship by the alcohol industry. In five European countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands) the presence of alcohol branded sponsorship of 10 top clubs of the 5 most popular sports was monitored. The presence of alcohol branded sport sponsoring has been examined in over 250 websites.

Download the Bulgarian Sport Report (1,76 MB)
Download the Danish Sport Report (3,32 MB)
Download the Dutch Sport Report (1,30 MB)
Download the German Sport Report (2,79 MB)
Download the Italian Sport Report (1,56 MB)

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Graham & Adams (2013), Alcohol Marketing in Televised English Professional Football: A Frequency Analysis>>
Lindsay et al. (2013), Eat, drink and gamble: marketing messages about ‘risky’ products in an Australian major sporting series>>
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