9-05-2024; LRT; news-in-english

The Lithuanian parliament Seimas on Thursday adopted amendments to the Law on Alcohol Control, easing alcohol sale and advertising restrictions.

In total, 59 lawmakers voted in favour of the amendments tabled by the Economy and Innovation Ministry, 25 voted against, and 11 abstained.

The Seimas allowed the sale of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of up to 15 percent at fairs, exhibitions, and mass events. Until now, only the sale of beer and cider with an alcohol content of up to 7.5 percent was allowed at such events.

The amendments also relax the conditions for alcohol licences, which will not be issued until a criminal record has been cleared. Until now, convicted persons could not obtain them at all.

The Seimas also legalised alcohol as a representation gift and created a more competitive environment for alcohol sellers at events.

Moreover, alcohol-related information and information on food and drink pairings on online platforms, such as Bolt Food or Wolt, as well as information on awards received by companies, drink production technologies and traditions will not be considered alcohol advertising.

A complete ban on alcohol advertising is now in place in Lithuania, and only information on labelling, the country of origin, or the producer can be published. This information is only available on producers and sellers’ official websites.

The Seimas also allowed to hold alcohol tastings on the premises of alcohol production. Currently, tastings are only allowed.

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