7th March 2024; The Herald by Graeme McGarry

Alcohol brands have long supported many areas of Scottish sport, and it is
argued that banning them could have ‘profound implications’. (Image: SNS)

Governing bodies from across Scottish sport have united to warn about the ‘grave’ consequences that a total ban on alcohol sponsorship and advertising could have, both from a financial standpoint and on the nation’s ability to host major events, saying that any ban would have ‘profound social, financial and sporting implications’.

In response to the Scottish Government Consultation on Restricting Alcohol Advertising and Promotion carried out last year, the Scottish Professional Football League, the Scottish Women’s Premier League, the Scottish FA, Scottish Rugby, the R&A, Scottish Golf, Scottish Racing and the British Horseracing Authority issued a joint response outlining their opposition to any blanket ban on commercial partnerships with the drinks industry.

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