The Drinks Business, January 2024 by By Jessica Mason

The marketing strategies used in the drinks industry have started answering authenticity, sustainability and wellness trends. But which techniques are truly leading the way? db finds out.

In 2024, the global drinks industry is expected to generate a value addition of €223.80 billion, according to the Digital Agency Network (DAN) and categories like craft, non-alcoholic variants and health-centric offerings have started driving trends.

Findings have already identified that health and sustainability are leading the charge, with a noticeable turn towards “functional beverages” that purportedly promise more than simply being thirst-quenching, but also claim to enhance wellness.

As the drill down into the sector by the DAN finds, one example can be seen from the rise of kombucha, with its gut-friendly probiotics, or indeed the popularity of energy drinks infused with natural, plant-based ingredients.

Delving deeper, when it comes to sustainability, the findings show that consumers are now looking for drinks brands that champion eco-friendly initiatives and this could be from products with minimal packaging, recyclable materials, or commitments to reducing the business’s carbon footprint.

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