Authors: Eloise Howse (e-mail:, Christina Watts, Bronwyn McGill, James Kite, Samantha Rowbotham, Penelope Hawe, Adrian Bauman, Becky Freeman

Citation: Howse, E., Watts, C., McGill, B., Kite, J., Rowbotham, S., Hawe, P., Bauman, A. and Freeman, B. (2022), Sydney’s ‘last drinks’ laws: A content analysis of news media coverage of views and arguments about a preventive health policy. Drug Alcohol Rev., 41: 561-574.

Key takeaways:

A lack of public support can be a barrier for implementing highly effective alcohol policy solutions.

  • The framing of these policy solutions used in media can influence community attitudes and public support in both directions.
  • In this example from Australia, a majority of the reporting on the so called “last drinks-law” mentioned actors who expressed opposition to the law.
    • Industry actors were over-represented.
    • Only 25% of articles quoted someone in support of the policy.
  • This suggests that just having the evidence is not enough for public health advocates.
  • Understanding alcohol industry media strategies and developing a compelling narrative around the proposed policies are some of the suggestions mentioned in this study.

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