A formal complaint has been lodged against alcoholic Solo over fears it could appeal to children.

The new Hard Solo contains 4.5 per cent of alcohol and is now available in 375ml cans, each amounting to 1.5 standard drinks. However, Hard Solo has ruffled a few feathers, as some consumers fear the product may attract underage drinkers. It even led The Cancer Council of Western Australia to lodge a complaint to the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) Scheme, as per The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Solo is a well-known soft drink brand in Australia, is popular with children and teenagers, and has highly recognisable branding, packaging, and advertising,” the complaint said, obtained by the outlet. The complaint added that the new product looks too similar to the original Solo, which could lead to confusion. “The Hard Solo product is an extension of the soft drink brand, using the same brand colours, icon and font on the packaging and the same can shape as the Solo soft drink,” it said.

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