October 12; 2022 Tith Kongnov / Khmer Times 

The Ministry of Education of Cambodia wants the law to ban alcohol advertising in sports events and venues to be enacted as soon as possible to prevent the use of alcohol that affect children and youth.

Undersecretary of State for the Ministry of Education Soeur Socheata said the ministry in the meanwhile is working with stakeholders to carry out awareness campaigns in schools to educate students on the ills of alcohol.

“Factors that attract children and young people to drink alcohol are due to the influence of alcohol promotion in public places, education institutions, schools and via media,” she told the press during the speaking contest on Prohibition of Advertising of Alcohol Products in All Forms at Sports Events and Sports Venues yesterday.

“I believe that with the will of the government and the participation of the General Department of Sports, through the dissemination of information on the disadvantages of alcohol advertising on various media, we hope that Cambodia can eliminate all forms of advertising on the digital media as soon as possible,” she said.

She added that the Ministry of Education has been assigned by the government to prepare guidelines, especially sub-decrees, to eliminate advertising in sports venues or sporting events, which are the main directions to be implemented.

“We have drafted a law banning all forms of alcohol advertising in sporting events and venues and are awaiting a decision on the government’s national plan,” she added.

Socheata said that the draft law on alcohol control has been submitted to the National Assembly and the Senate for approval.

Hak Meymey, a student at Dewey International School said she strongly supports the ban. Meymey said the beer industry attracts youth by advertising alcohol on banners and LED screens as well as offers hats, umbrellas, and T-shirts to promote alcoholic beverages.

Vin Vuthy, a student of Kok Pring Thmei High School, said that young people are enticed by the promotions where free samples are provided or the beverage can be won by playing easy games. He believes young people can suffer mental health problems when they indulge in alcohol.


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