Alfayad, K., Murray, R.L., Britton, J., Barker, A.B. (2022). Population exposure to alcohol and junk food advertising during the 2018 FIFA world cup: implications for public health. BMC Public Health,  6;22(1):908. doi: 10.1186/s12889-022-13233-6. 

A new study investigated the exposure of viewers to food high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) and alcohol imagery in a selection of group matches on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

Results show that, in the UK, the 13 matches analysed: 

  • Included 1262 min of active play
  • A total of 1806 appearances of alcohol and HFSS food advertisements 
  • 7.5 billion branded HFSS impressions, including 759 million to children (age < 16 years)
  • 3.3 billion alcohol impressions, including 385 million to children


It can be concluded that UK advertising legislations were circumvented by sponsorships arrangements in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 



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